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CONNECT WITH ME AT MY PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE: www.margaretlam.co.uk EMAIL: mag.lam@gmail.com Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/margaretlamcurator I believe that contemporary art curating is now more than a profession of connoisseurship, but rather a creative and artistic venture. By noticing the impact of experience economy onto international exhibition scene, I am particularly interested in contemporary curatorial practices that involve experiential design, spatial narration, scenography, and new interpretative approaches in exhibition spaces. After furthering my studies in MA Curating Contemporary Design in London (graduating with Distinction), I have been working as an independent assistant curator and contributing in art exhibition-making. Combining my artistic background and multi-faceted work experience in creative industries, involving solid projects in advertising agencies and multi-media exhibition lab, my pursuit in curatorship is of multi-disciplinary interest. With overarching skills I developed as substantial backup: from concept development, strategic planning, idea visualizations, creative writing, narration, supervising on art production, overseeing post-production, working with directors, designers and artists, to final deliveries - I have a mission to further transform museum approaches into contemporary implementations in a wide range of art and branded exhibitions.