Osmany Aguilera Almaguer

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Teacher with 23 years of experience in Education. Of these, 7 in Higher Education as Professor of Labor and Computer Education. He has a degree in Education, in the specialty of Labor Education, Master in Education Sciences and Master in Educational Orientation, has the teaching category of assistant. He is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance. He has more than 15 courses, ten postgraduate courses and two diplomas related to Computer Science and Accounting Sciences. He has published materials in national and international journals, and has presented the results of his research work in more than 10 national and international events, in some of them he has also participated as a jury and moderator. He has developed undergraduate and graduate programs related to Information Security, Educational Information Technology, Educational Technology, Applied Information Technology, Special Courses and Seminars, Computer-Aided Design, Basic Drawing, Applied Drawing, Didactics and Educational Orientation; Economic, Environmental and Community Policy Culture, Business Administration and Assisted Audit, Social Networks and Electronic Commerce, Rural Tourism Management for Local Development, of which he has taught several of them. He has participated in courts of diploma work, specializations, and masters. He has tutored multiple teachers in different subjects. He worked for five years as a Computer Security Specialist at the previous University of Pedagogical Sciences "José de la Luz y Caballero" and the Holguín Provincial Node, maintaining good work and participating in the audits carried out in the areas, as well as in the Organization of methodological activities. It belongs to the institutional project “The scientific-educational activity: its impact on the different educations”, attached to the Faculty of Education Sciences. He has a year and a half of experience as Head of the Department of Student Residence. He serves as Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Administration Sciences and as Professor of Applied Informatics in the Department of Accounting and Finance.