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Manish Abraham

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Professional and academic experience in Innovation Management, Project / Program Management, Procurement, Product / Service / Business Development, Decision Science, Technology scouting, Strategic planning, Marketing. Over half a decade in various roles delivered multiple Innovation programs leading to development of product portfolios, solutions and IP based on the needs and key success factors of the customers globally across the Maire Tecnimont group companies in multiple locations across Italy and the Netherlands. Currently responsible for Global Procurement of various categories - Strategic R&D, IP, Finance, HR, Marketing and Business Intelligence for The Innovation and License company of Maire Tecnimont group. Open Innovation is key for any company to be successful, and this is done by leveraging on the strength of partners, suppliers, and customers. Masters in Engineering specializing in Innovation and Product Management. Six Words to Summarize him: Curious. Networker. Innovator. Facilitator. Team Player. Implementer.