Author: Dr. Manisha Kumari D.

Dr. Manisha Kumari D.

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Manisha Kumari Deep, Ph.D. an Independent thinker, Avid reader, Writer (fiction and non-fiction), Director (Green Gyaanam) and Ex-Faculty has more than a decade of diversified experience. She has around 50 publications existing in journals, conferences, e-books, books and as articles. She has a collection of more than 200 books at her home and loves to read for her kid. Recent Releases are “The Trial of Hope” on Amazon and “An Alien Land” on Kobo. Upcoming: “Conquering Emotions” and “2 Moms”. Other Reads An Alien Land 51 Points in Raising Awesome Kids Organic IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation Positive Employee Recruitment and Retention Vital for Organizations Digital India Mission. Implications on Social Inclusion and Digital Citizenship Cloud Computing. DDoS, Blockchain, Regulation and Compliance Organic eLearning (OE-Learning) The Way of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Leadership Feasibility Study between Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment and Organic Networks I am my supervisor’s slave: Supervisor subordinate relationship is vital for organizational efficiency Brands and their Shockvertisement Strategies The Future of Blockchain in Banking