Dr. Manisha Kumari Deep

11 titles published


About the Author Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha Kamari Deep started her career doing research in an uncharted domain and got her doctoral thesis published as a book title ‘Organic IT Infrastructure Planning and Implementation’. Notable Non-Fiction works include “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership Style”, “Feasibility Study between Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment and Organic Networks”, “Cloud: DDoS, Blockchain, Regulations, Compliance” and Case study on “Social Media Quiver: Tine for Brands”. Fiction Title: "Imperfect Marriages" and "God! Not Again" Upcoming Titles: ‘Short Story: An Alien Land, Fiction: Quest for Unfathomable’; Non-Fiction: ‘Social Media Marketing: Author’s Catch’ and "Emotional Intelligence for All" Follow her on twitter at https://twitter.com/manisha_deep .