Dr. Maribel Roman

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I first became interested in international education while pursuing my masters in international relations and diplomacy. Through my engagement with students and diplomats from different parts of the world I concluded that the best hope for diplomacy was through the education of future world leaders. However this form of education should not be limited to those pursuing studies in diplomacy and international relations. Global awareness and international education should be available to everyone, especially educators. More importantly, I feel strongly that it is the responsibility of educators to share international awareness and knowledge with young students as early as primary school. This was the vision behind my idea of a Center for Global Education https:blogs.shu.eduglobaleducation/ which I co-founded at Seton Hall University. The Center’s mission is to advance knowledge of global issues and develop the skills and understanding essentials for success in the emerging global arena. I went on to attain a doctorate in higher education leadership with research on internationalizing education. I spent several years writing grant proposals for potential projects that promoted education, development and sustainability, while teaching courses in International Relations, International Politics, Conflict Resolution and Political Sciences. The last eight years, I have been using my knowledge and experience to design, organize and manage programs that provide opportunities for international exchanges, partnerships and mutual collaborations among educators and policy makers throughout the world.