PhD Arjeta Hallunovi

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Dr. Arjeta Hallunovi is a finance lecturer in the Department of Finance - Accounting at University Aleksander Moisiu Durres in Albania. She holds a PhD in Economics Sciences, Finance – Bank Profile. Mrs. Hallunovi is author of three books, two monographs and has more than 50 published papers, the major part with Impact Factor and Thomson Reuters in United Kingdom, Germany, Singapor, USA, Canada, Montenegro etc. She was part of the Programme Committee in the 8th Conference of Faculty of Business in the University Aleksander Moisiu Durres and also editor of the Book of Abstracts. Mrs. Hallunovi was the organizer of the activity "Performance audit and the necessity for practical recognition of this field" on March 27, 2018, with the participation of the Suprem Audit of Albania in the Finance - Accounting Department. She has participated in many trainings and courses as The National Accounting Standards, The elements of banknotes security and their examination techniques, "Making Cent $ - Plan" Economic planning of rural businesses etc. In June 2018 she successfully completed the Summer School “Advanced Measurement of Quality of Working Life” in France, in which also presented a scientific paper. In May 2018 was part of the Teaching Mobility in Danubius University, in Galati, Romania with the Erasmus students. In 27 - 30 September 2018 was part of the World Youth Forum Right to Dialogue. Ethics of Complexity. XI Edition in Trieste, Italy. Among other things, she is on the editorial board of The Educational Review-USA at the Hill Publishing Group, Journal of Finance and Accounting at the Science Publishing Group (USA), Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation at Hill Publishing Group (USA), Academic Journal of Accounting and Finance at the International Association of Scientists and Researchers (India) and Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Development at University Aleksander Moisiu Durrës (Albania), as well as scientific collaborator at the Institute for Scientific Research and Development in Montenegro and she is member of UdEcoM Balkan.