Author: Dr. Rodney  Azwinndini Mulelu(D.Litt.Et.Phil)

Dr. Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu(D.Litt.Et.Phil)

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Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu is a skilled researcher, author, facilitator and administrator, an enthusiastic professional Dietician with highly motivated, innovative and leadership skills. Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu holds Bachelors of Nutrition (B.NUTR), Advanced Health Management Programme (AHMP), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and Masters in Social behavior in HIV and AIDS (MA-HIV) degrees. He will be soon be awarded with PHD in Health studies with UNISA. Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu has more than 17 years of combined experience in Nutrition( Dietetics), HIV and AIDS, skills development and programme management in Private and public services respectively. Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu has an extensive experiences in working with a diverse groups of people and culture in different provinces in South Africa.He is Innovative, strong presenter and facilitator with extensive experience in conducting workshops, academic researches and presenting papers in national and international conferences. Rodney is highly motivated and eager to learn more things and new technologies and systems. Has strong motivational and leadership skills, ability to produce best results in a pressurized situation, ability to work as an individual and as a team, ability to facilitate and present research papers at a workshop and at national and international conferences, ability to write proposals and conduct research and present findings to stakeholders. Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu posses the ability to use different statistical software’s such as SPSS and STATA for data analysis and reporting and having supervisory skills at all levels. Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu is admitted to study part time for Doctorate in Business Administration(DBA) with the University of Reading( Henley Business School(UK) in 2019 academic year. Rodney Azwinndini Mulelu is a husband to the powerful Mrs. Manaha Melina Mulelu and blessed with six children, three boys and three girls, Washu, Tlou, Uhone, Kobola, Uatshila and Mookho Unarine. I am thankful and great-full to God for giving me the lovely wife and kids. They have supported me all the way during good and bad times. You are one in a billion(MELINA).