PhD Bilal Ahmad Tantry

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I am a graduate of CCS University Meerut, India and holding doctorate in microbiology from Jaipur National University, India. Currently I am faculty at college of medicine, Aljouf University, KSA. College of medicine was established as the community-oriented/based, problem-based, student-centered medical school in Al-Jouf Region of Saudi Arabia and a pioneering innovative school in the Middle East Region. I have been working in the field of academia for more than 10 years now. Thus, I've gained a valuable experience in medical education, academic advising, quality assurance in higher education and university leadership. As an educator, I've conducted several courses in my area of expertise (Microbiology and Immunology) to undergraduate medical and dentistry students.I participated in several innovative projects related to field of Microbiology, accreditation and faculty development; the latest was “establishment of the Microbiology research lab at college of medicine. In addition; I enjoy academic advising, getting closer to students, evaluating and fulfilling their needs and helping them successfully accomplish their academic plan. My research interest is focused on Medical Microbiology, Bacterial genetics and Applied Microbiology.