Jasmin Lilian Diab

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Ms. Diab is a Canadian-Lebanese researcher, author, manager and consultant in the areas of International Affairs, Dialogue, Gender, and Migration and Refugee Studies. She holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Diplomacy she earned from Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) in Lebanon, as well as an M.A. in International Law she earned from NDU, complimented with coursework at both University of Pisa, and University of Palermo in Italy. Ms. Diab earned her second Master of Advanced Study in Democracy and Human Rights between the Saint Joseph University of Beirut in Lebanon, and the International University for Rabat in Morocco. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate in International Relations and Diplomacy at the esteemed Centre d'Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques (INSEEC U.) in France. The positions she holds include: Office, Research and Project Manager at the Lebanese Research Center for Migration and Diaspora Studies at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at NDU, Operations Manager and Youth Coordinator at the Lebanon Dialogue Initiative, as well as Consultant at the Lebanese Development Network. She is a Research Affiliate at the Middle East Institute for Research and Strategic Studies, as well as at the Carthage Center for Research and Information. Ms. Diab is also the Editor of The International Journal for Arts and Politics, a journal published by the Global Arts and Politics Alliance in Austria.