Author: Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Yadav

Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Yadav

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Dharmendra Kumar Yadav got schooling from Putki High School, Putki, Dhanbad. He graduated with Honors from RSP College, Jharia and Post-graduated from P K Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad in Mathematics. He did M. Phil. from Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu. Then he got his doctorate degree from Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag, Jharkhand under the supervision of Dr. D. K. Sen on the topic entitled A Study of Indefinite Non-integrable Functions. In Vedic Mathematics He developed Aanuruppen-Binomial Method using Vedic Mathematics formula Aanuruppen Viddhi and Binomial theorem. In Complex Analysis he applied Law of Trichotomy on Imaginary Unit 'iota' and proved many properties related to it. By using it, he extended the real number to Imaginary Number Line and then ended to a Circular Number Line. He proved the Big-bang Theory and Pulsating Theory of the universe by applying the concept of Imaginary unit 'iota'. He has published more than 25 research papers in journals of national & international repute and presented them in more than 10 conferences and seminars. His areas of research are Integral Calculus, Nonelementary Functions, Imaginary Unit, Vedic Mathematics.