Pierce Ivory

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Pierce Ivory has been involved in Digital Marketing since 2010. Ecommerce was his stepping stone into the Digital Marketing space. Pierce understood that experience alone was not enough to progress in Online Marketing. Education enabled him to develop as a Digital Marketer in an analytic way. Education also connected Pierce with like-minded people from a Digital background.Being part of a community full of 'always learning' individuals was essential to development as an Online specialist. Pierce finished his Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing in 2014 and completed his Masters Degree in December 2015 with First class Honours (1.1). His research included Search Personalisation, Trust, Reputation and Ethics. He carried out primary research, identifying the gaps in existing information in Ireland. PierceI fully understands and appreciates the need and importance for every company to have an online footprint driven by an intelligently tailored Strategy. He firmly believes that if you are an Individual, an SME or a Corporation, digital marketing will help leverage your presence online and enhance your offline presence. Understanding the need for Digital is understanding modern Business. Pierce is currently the Digital Marketing Manager for Advance Systems, a Workforce Management Software company, providing solutions in Ireland, United Kingdom and USA.