Author: Professor Novembrieta Sumil

Professor Novembrieta Sumil

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Qualifications: BSN (Velez College), RN (Philippine Regulations Commission), MAN (Cebu Doctors’ College), PhD (University of San Carlos) (Cebu City, Philippines) Rank: Prof. B since 2003, as ranked by Southwestern University, Philippines International Status: Adviser, Ontario College for Research and Development, Toronto, Canada (2015); Best Paper Award 2015 (Awarded by the Training Center for Social Science and Education, Toronto, Canada; Excellence Awards 2006, 2012, Academic and Administrative Endeavors (Kampala International University, Uganda) Other Awards: First Honor (Grades 1-5); Valedictorian (Grade 6); Silver Medalist and Scholar (High School 1-4); First in Arithmetic, Algebra, Religion (St. Catherine’s School, Philippines); Best Research Adviser, Teacher with Pure Energy, Talented and Creative, Loyalty Award (Cebu Doctors’ College of Nursing, Philippines); Past Position: Deputy Vice Chancellor, Kampala International University (KIU), Uganda in 2 terms/8 years,2005-2013) Present Position: Director, Institute for Social Research, KIU, Uganda She is a creative pedagogy and change advocate with thirty eight years work experience and 36 years in the academe, research and community service. She has a total of eight books, one is an anthology containing seven empirical studies and the rest of the books are in the areas of research, parenting, motivation, conflict management, marginalized business and HIV/AIDS reflecting her name. Her expertise: teaching, research, medical-surgical nursing, curriculum development, organization development and transformation, leadership and management, innovative teaching- learning (creative pedagogy), knowledge generation and management, initiating change, customer care, developing initiatives, starting and implementing systems, capacity building, editing journal articles, books, masters’ thesis and doctoral dissertations, public speaking (as resource speaker, keynote speaker).