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Autor: Slavko Rogan

Slavko Rogan

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Slavko Rogan (Drs, MScPT, cand MA, cand, MSc Osteopathy) is a lecturer and research scientist in the Department of Health at Bern University of Applied Sciences. He has a background in osteopathy, physiotherapy and further adult education. He works in the fields of geriatrics, musculoskeletal disorders and sport science. In 2010 Slavko started his PhD track as an external candidate at Maastricht University (promoter: Prof. dr. R. de Bie), working on a project studying training with whole-body vibration and virtual games, and considering their effects on physical performance on an elderly population in need of care. Currently he is in the final stages of his doctoral thesis. Slavko's research interests focus on the development of exercise and training programs in elderly persons. Concurrently to his PhD, Slavko has been studying for an MA in Further Adult Education at the University of Kaiserslautern, which he will complete in January 2016.