Dr. Silvia Elias

3 titles published


EDUCATION: Ph. D. from Faculty of Arts, English Department (Literature Major, Drama Specialization) ‎with general grade "Excellent" ‎ Thesis entitled "A STUDY OF METATHEATRE IN MUISCAL COMEDIES BASED ON ‎LITERARY WORKS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO MY FAIR LADY, THE PHANTOM ‎OF THE OPERA AND KISS ME KATE"‎ M.A. from Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, English Department (Literature Major, Drama ‎Specialization) with general grade "Excellent" ‎ Thesis entitled "THE DISILLUSIONMENT OF THE AMERICAN DREAM IN THE ‎AMERICAN THEATRE WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO TENNESSEE WILLIAMS ‎AND ARTHUR MILLER"‎ EMPLOYMENT:‎ Lecturer at Faculty of Languages and Translation (English Department), Pharos University From ‎September 2014 till present.‎ Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Languages and Translation (English Department), Pharos ‎University From September 2012 till September 2014.‎ Official Translator authorized by the American, Canadian and Australian Embassies.‎ TEACHING EXPERIENCE/ COURSES TAUGHT:‎ English Literature (Fiction & Drama)‎ American Literature (Fiction & Drama)‎ Comparative Literature Criticism & Critical Theories ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE:‎ President of LAVA Student Activities Club Trainer & Coordinator at the TOT (Training of Trainers) centre, PUA Member of the Student Activities Committee Member of the Community Service Council at PUA Member of the Interactive Learning committee for Inspection ‎