Tze Ping Khor

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Khor Tze Ping is a lecturer at DISTED College in Penang, Malaysia. He has worked in many multi-national companies including Robert Bosch and Sony in his past profession as an electronics engineer. His passion in Information Technology has led him to acquire new knowledge in internet technologies particularly in the field of search engines. Khor Tze Ping has been working as a lecturer for the past 10 years and is currently lecturing on subjects related to information technology, telecommunications and microprocessors. Prior to that he has worked as an Quality Assurance Engineer for Robert Bosch and Sony in Malaysia. Born in Nibong Tebal, a small town located in the state of Penang in Malaysia, Tze Ping has continued to acquire new knowledge especially in the field of telecommunications and internet technologies. "Keyword Relevance in Search Engine Optimization" is his first book published to share his knowledge in search engine technologies and to help those looking for answers as to why some websites appear on search engines while some do not!