Author: Doctor Malika Rebai Maamri

Doctor Malika Rebai Maamri

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Bio: Malika REBAI MAAMRI is a Senior Lecturer at the National Postgraduate School of Political Science in Algiers, Algeria. She holds a PHD jointly from the University of Algiers and the University of Essex (UK). With an interdisciplinary orientation, her research interests include literature with a focus on cultural contact, political community in Africa, gender and women’s rights, EFL teaching, pedagogy and Education. She is the author of several articles, and chapters of books, most of which are published in international journals. She is also a collaborative member of the Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge where she participated in a Cambridge/Africa Collaborative Research Program on Citizenship and Political Community in Africa. She was an Associate editor for the International Journal of Learning (USA). She edited an e-book entitled A Journey through Forgiveness (2010) and a hardcopy book entitled Mapping Forgiveness (2012) both published by Oxford Interdisciplinary Press (UK). She is currently writing a book on citizenship in Algeria.