The Influence of Human Security Challenges on the Effectiveness of Regionalism. The Case of ASEAN+3

Thesis (M.A.) 2019 60 Pages

Politics - International Politics - Region: South Asia


The aim of this research is to address the gap of the non-state-centric approach of human security to the notion of regionalism that has been dominated by the state-centric definition of security so far.

Thereby the object of reference is not the state but the individual itself. This thesis assists in broadening the knowledge of regionalism but also puts high emphasis on the concept of human security and the affiliated challenges such as ethnic cleansing, human rights violation, genocide, migration influx and territorial disputes in the region of ASEAN+3. Although the RIO has been acknowledged and recognized as one of the successful examples of regionalism, the controversy about its consensus, its decision-making mechanism, and its non-interference mentality undermines its economic success by exposing millions of individuals to a variety of threats. Nevertheless, this would not have been considered ASEAN’s issue if the RIO did not commit itself for maintaining peace and regional stability in its charter, official statements, and treaty. Furthermore, this thesis does not marginalize the RIO’s economic success nor its economic effectiveness, but it rather asks how effective regionalism is with regard to traditional and non-traditional threats under the same umbrella term of human security challenges.

ASEAN+3 cannot uphold its principles and values expressed in its official documents. At the same time, the organization cannot replicate the same effectiveness and success that it has in its economic policies in the area of human security. As the pillar of all types of security, human security is under-implemented, under-promoted and under-represented in the case of East and Southeast Asia that adumbrates its economic achievements.


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Title: The Influence of Human Security Challenges on the Effectiveness of Regionalism. The Case of ASEAN+3