Sustainable strategies in the fashion industry. Sustainability and the brand Zara

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To what extent can corporate success in the fast-moving fashion industry be sustainably optimised and secured in the long term? In order to get to the bottom of this question, data and facts from leading companies as well as studies of various modern media platforms were listed and analysed, with a focus on the probably largest platform, the Internet. In order to illustrate these aspects concretely, this article refers to the example of the Spanish fashion brand Zara. The result makes it clear that there are companies or designers who follow or strictly counteract the concept of sustainability with the help of various sustainability strategies. The aim is to demonstrate a conscious and sustainable fashion production process and to appeal to the moral responsibility of fashion companies in view of the worldly scarcity of resources.

The consumption of limitless fashion has become an integral part of global society. Prescribed garments in the early modern period of the Middle Ages are today only history. Accordingly, people of all kinds identify globally with fashionable clothing. What can be worn in Japan today can be worn in England or Italy at the same time. But this was not always the case. Trade and communication have al-ways been subject to political aspects. Due to the current networking of all countries, the exchange of information or goods on an international level is part of everyday life. Globalisation is the increasing interstate dependence in all areas of human life. This applies not only to the economy, but also to culture and politics. One particular industry is the fashion industry, which is in constant conflict with itself. Globalisation and sustainability are two terms that are always in focus in the fashion world. When we talk about sustainability in fashion, a fundamental distinction must be made between whether it is influenced by design and consumers or whether it is related to the ecological balance.


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Title: Sustainable strategies in the fashion industry. Sustainability and the brand Zara