The Relation Between the Climate Change, the LGBT Rise, Automation and Economy

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Introduction: Defining Relations

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Relation Chain between Climate Change & LGBT Rise

Impacts on societies, Study Case : USA

Impacts on Economies*Relation between LGBT Rise & productivity

LGBT Rise impact on Industries

LGBT Rise & Automation Deployment in Heavy Intensive Industries

LGBT Rise Impact on Other Industries



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Introduction: Defining Relations

Different studies suggest that the change in sexual identity is formed in the early life of the child where familial problems can be responsible for it, causes such as the absence of father or man role in the family can do ,Other causes can be hormonal or external environmental like the social stigma or even depressive disorders can go for same results in some personalities (1) .

The key factor is the No believe by person in his current psychological module which tends latterly to developed to be personal and sexual refusal for identity.

Some other undisclosed causes that experts consider is the climate change where it has an indirect influence on the behavior of individuals, Experts say that climate change impacts can prevail to different unexpected aspects like mental health , physiological disorders, violence, HIV Increase and others can lead to change in sexual behavior in direct or indirect way (2) , This means that such acquired new changes in personalities ( violence\depressed or changed sexual identities can negatively effect the productivity in societies yield to climate change and lgbt rise.

In this paper we tend to discuss the most undisclosed debates about individual sexuality expression and relation to climate change ,automation and the macro economy drawing opinions based on actual facts (Hany.T.Fawwaz)

How to discuss this document?

Author : Hany Tarek Fawwaz

Start Writing Date 23 feb 2018 Publication Date : 25 MAY 2018

Relation Chain between Climate change & LGBT Rise

1st loop : Climate Change relation to familial violence and children identities

Experts say climate change impacts make people more violent ,when they exposed to high temperatures ,the productivity will be low and potential social losses can occurs for individuals , also loss of jobs can develop depression & to trigger familial violence & aggressive behaviors towards children &women in families, the relation is clear and deepened by time as climate changes increases, (2) if people are very depressed they aren’t likely going to be productive or work effectively , they are likely to destructive behaviors like overeating and substances abuse , unless these risky behaviors controlled or medically helped , the society is to going to see impacts .

The familial violence can affect the children personalities and their developed sexual identities which were considered by several studies were" C.G.N " or childhood gender nonconformity is believed to be the largest predictor of homosexuality in adult hood C.G.N Is considering interests , toys favour and feelings of children to opposite or same sex ,as example a male child may prefers dolls than cars or baby girl prefer the opposite (3) .

The interesting is , researchers found that C.G.N may be results of different causes including the parental care !

Researchers have provided evidences that gay males report having problems with their parents like less care, love and more rejection and close relation to their mothers ,indicating that familial role is very important to the male child, if father's love and care is lost the male child will look for alternative males in family to see the missed caregiver (sex abuses cases ) or get close to his mother to get the missed love( this connection can motivate hormone imbalance or the already genetics if any in the child to shift to homosexuality or refusing his own gender identity , this can be an illustration for more sissy boys appearance today .

2nd Loop : Climate change relation to Mental Health

In a report published by cnn in may 2017 , climate change was accused to provide suitable climate for violence and many other mental problems like suicide accidents reported thanks to loss of crops (droughts) or floods(2) .

c.n.n cited by a study made by james rubin ,a psychologist at king college, London about the psychological impacts of floods of people directly & indirectly affected , results show that climate changes can lead farmers ,traders and other associated people to suffer worry , anxiety , aggressive tendencies including suicide for those who can't pass and cope , these threats can lead the exposed persons to the worse like developing severe depression ,tension disorders ,PTSD and other unpleasant mental conditions on the state of mind of millions around our world(4) . Another form of impacts from climate change is the sea level rise and land change in which forced migrants appeared in different areas in the world and they are likely to have pstd with their bad memories of losing properties , dead family members in floods and other similar disasters they faced in their homes(2).

3rd loop : Climate Change& Sexual Behavior

The hormonal imbalance is another key reason for sexuality behavior change especially in manhood gender where the feminine male is almost suffering from high estrogen which usually comes from 3 routes : First is the blocked testosterone hormone converted to estrogen: this is supported by the stress and negativity the male is living in which freely release cortisol (5)at high rate simulating the suitable environment to more estrogen release or blocking testosterone ,

Second is from mental health problems steamed from negative Nutrition style or Mental disorders or else causes like stressful living conditions as example the depressed person has high level of estrogen than normal in comparison to other individual of the same gender (6)(5),

Third route is a blend of the two going for long term where the male became with an estrogenic personality and is dominated by estrogen on the long run where the high female hormone is able to transform the male brain to be feminine Meaning ; to act as an opposite gender , Thinking ,actions, interests and body languages are in adaption to the opposite life style the brain wants to be , scientists found similar parts of the the brain of homosexual men with the same structure of women brain.

The interesting is : It is believed that there is a link between climate change and sexuality of manhood like testosterone blocking action causing low sex drive and other problems in men(7) this mean that as long the climate change continues the heterosexual males are exposed to sexual problem on long run and the homosexual are highly motivated to go for more change in sexual behavior especially those with historical family record of similar cases.

Linkage between loops to make the chain !

The problems in societies like economic and political instability reflect on the life of citizens making them more vulnerable for several personality changes like depression\stress\ violence and all other mental disorders including change in sexual behaviors for both hetro and homo persons as a logical conclusion link between poor sexual life with a low sex drive when people live under stress & continuous challenges.

changes are put in to action in absence of religions which is the mark of most living societies ,with more problems , the individuals lose the guide, one physiological solution the mind adopts in facing problems is to try to protect it self by creating a shed, it can be an adaptive choice to addict drug or violent behavior or certain sexual change or else according to each personality(8)(9) .

all these are factors should be considered when we draw a present and future conclusion about the climate change impact on individual in a given community like the lgbt community which is on rise

Impacts on societies

Study case : USA

In studies conducted by pew research center in feb2018 (10), it was believed that there are links between the unstability of economic conditions and the familial problems derived from non constant financial stability,the center conclude that most single persons prefer goo for long stay with no marriage , and median age for people at first marriage reached 25.5 years \men and 27 \women with declension in marriage rates to divorce rates, Also 54% of previously married women refused to for next marriage and those who got marriage did it on a base of educational gap between the wife and husband, this means more feminine role in the family and imperfect marriage relations that can can impress the children's lives and stability of the families in that given society .

The center gave an interest for lgbt society in us where same sex marriage increased by 61% between couples with public support at 54% in 2017 to 37% in previous year, this means a favour expected increase in such marriage and more members join the lgbt club and more cost on the macro economy of usa(11) .

Impacts on Economies

Relation between LGBT Rise & productivity

Alسصث اسباب الشزوز هو نقص ه.الزكورة...The next important question is : what is the relation of sexuality change to the productivity ?

Most lgbt try accept their new life, to accept change ,is it not that easy where they almost face several refusal degrees in there societies, they find discriminations in sreets, in work place and other aspects ,they can't live as free and normal, in studies carried out on LGBT students in united states and Thailand(12) , between 1\2 :2\3 of students are bullied at schools and 1\3 escape from harassment ending with 40% of them to be homeless queers in streets of US compared to 10% of normal young youth in the American nation

Some few could face & overcome , the notable success for some of them is in involvement into charitable works and careers with no audience interactions like soft ware engineering , surely it is a positive thinking and actions but we can't put in the numerical count of productivity , meaning they are not real productive assets as workers ,study conducted for the world bank on 2015 concluded that the discrimination to LGBT community in india could cost the economy up to 32 billions dollars yearly , reason is ,at the macro level , more lgbt with no right education or jobs means more loss to economy in jobs and productivity .



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Title: The Relation Between the Climate Change, the LGBT Rise, Automation and Economy