The Negligence. The paucity of pre-medical knowledge

by Arjun Karunanayake (Author) Apoorwa Karunanayake (Author)

Textbook 2018 62 Pages

Medicine - General


The negligence of pre-medical knowledge is one hidden aspect of the society. Also known as a pre-medical care or emergency health care, first aid is the immediate attention given to a sick or injured individual until proper medical treatment arrives. This special treatment can be provided by any skilled bystander, commonly known as a first aider, prior to consultations with health professional.

It is assumed that the community as a whole neglects acquiring such vital knowledge. This book presents an overview of actual thoughts, feelings and attitudes of the society towards this knowledge. Here we present the information discovered from the public, regarding how far "the negligence" affected their daily lives. An individual at any stage of his or her life might have faced situations where the needs of primary care to a victim or the need of such assistant to oneself has occurred in their daily lives. Some may have no knowledge, while some may have limited skills to face such situations. Every individual must rely on their own life-saving skills until the arrival of medical assistance to the scene. It is assumed that many individuals do not possess adequate knowledge of standard pre-medical care in terms of "first aid".

We attended many events where people overlooked the need for pre-medical knowledge. Many life-threatening situations that could have been easily treated were neglected due to the lack of knowledge on pre-medical care. Though there are voluminous publications and courses on pre-medical care, we thought to disclose our knowledge of pre-medical care to the public. We compared several root causes and alternatives by practical observations.

This book is intended to drag the attention of the public towards the negligence of pre-medical care. It is highly recommended that this booklet is not to be considered as a complete guide or textbook on first aid treatments.

For the full medical treatments and management of such situations, it is recommended to refer standard first aid textbooks. This book merely considers the concept of negligence alone. The information for the treatment of the discussed incidents should not be applied without formal first aid training from a recognized organization or a certified trainer. Readers are strongly advised to use the contents of the book as supportive information for research needs only and not for treatment.


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Title: The Negligence. The paucity of pre-medical knowledge