The Potential of Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Corporate Competitiveness

Bachelor Thesis 2016 39 Pages

Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance


The purpose of this paper is to answer this question: How great is the potential of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) to impact a firm‘s competitiveness? In other words, can it be considered as something a firm can implement to influence their competitiveness and if so in which way and strength?

To assess this, first a theoretical background will be given on SSCM as well as a definition for the underlying concept of competitiveness for this thesis in chapter 2. In chapter 3 an overview of practices that can be accounted to SSCM will be outlined and complemented by research findings that cover the influence of SSCM practices on corporate competitiveness. Factors that are also of relevance to ultimately determine the potential of SSCM shall be included as well. To this theoretical perspective the examination of two practical examples shall be added in chapter 4 in order to be able to discuss the magnitude of SSCM’s potential to impact corporate competitiveness in chapter 5. Finally, concluding remarks, the final answer to the initial question as well as an outlook for the future development will be given in chapter 6.

Sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) is a growing field of research as well as already implemented by several firms. In order to help a firm determine if SSCM should be considered as something to implement the question shall be answered if and in which magnitude SSCM holds potential for a firm’s competitiveness. Competitiveness is deter-mined by the chosen sources of cost savings, image and customer loyalty as well as human resources and innovation. Through a review of literature existing influences of SSCM practices on competitiveness have been collected and other factors to consider determined. Two practical examples are also given. Two main findings have been made: Mainly positive influences of SSCM practices on defined sources of competitiveness could be found; hence potential of SSCM for corporate competitiveness exists. Taken into consideration the aforementioned factors SSCM’s potential for corporate competitiveness is high, if SSCM itself is successfully implemented, if the firm acts as first mover and if it acts now.


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Title: The Potential of Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Corporate Competitiveness