Does Divorce Have a Negative Effect on the Upbringing of Children?

A Research in the Area of Lahore, Pakistan

by Haseeb Tariq Hashim Nawaz Saad Hassan Ahmed Hassan

Term Paper 2017 37 Pages

Sociology - Gender Studies


This paper focuses on the importance of parents during the upbringing of a child. With a major event, such as a divorce, the children are heavily affected, which can result in a child's emotional problems, suicidal thoughts, stress and trauma. Parents' separation becomes a reason for the child not to get attention, and the bond he used to share with his parents weakens, which leads to a communication distance where a child is no longer able to talk to anyone. Alongside, the child's education is also affected. There might be chances they indulge in inappropriate acts including the use of drugs and alcohols or sexual activities.

'Is divorce harmful to children?' is one of the most frequently asked questions in the past two decades about family life. The researchers have chosen this topic because children are the tomorrow of any nation and any harm to their upbringing would affect the entire nation itself. Objectives of this research are to find out ways in which the parents' divorce affects the upbringing of children and solutions to minimize the aftermath of emotional and social stress.

The research design consists of different methods through which data is collected. For the study at hand, research is employed which includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis, along with primary and secondary research methods. A survey method is selected in order to practice against the issue of divorce in families mainly affecting their children which is unfortunately common in our society, and also to authentically conduct the study without the study being too biased. For primary research, questionnaires and interviews were conducted as tools. However, articles were referred to as secondary research.


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Title: Does Divorce Have a Negative Effect on the Upbringing of Children?