The Impact of Motivation on the Performance of Employees

A Research-Based Case Study in a High School in Bangladesh

Research Paper (postgraduate) 2016 104 Pages

Business economics - Personnel and Organisation


Motivation is considered as one of the most imperative matters in all the organisations, no matter whether it is private or public sector. "Motive" means wants, desire, and needs of an individual. Therefore, the employee motivation refers to a procedure where organisations inspire their employees with the shape of bonus, rewards, increment, etc. to achieve organisational goals. This research study concerning the impact of motivation on the performance of employees helps to understand motivation that affects employee performance in the organisation and motivational tools used by the organisation so as to motivate employees for the best performance.

For many years, motivation has been a key indicator of productive employee performance within an organisation, so it has been an area of major concern for the organisation and human resource managers. There are wide ranges of factors that are related to management, employees, organisation and the workplace which makes it a complex and challenging job to motivate employees in an organisation. Therefore, different strategies and methods should be used by the organisation and human resource manager to motivate employees. There are different needs and expectation for an employee to join any organisation. Monetary and non-monetary factors are used by human resource managers to achieve different employee and organisation related objectives.

The present research works aims to define the impact of motivation on the performance of employees in a High School in Bangladesh. Descriptive method and questionnaires embedded with Likert scale were used as the main instruments for collecting necessary data to carry out this research work. Data is collected from the sample size of 50 among which included faculty member, employee assistants, office helper, and employee in training and security personnel. The critical review of the literature and the quantitative analysis of the survey data pointed that both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation factor play an important role in motivating employees.


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Title: The Impact of Motivation on the Performance of Employees