Task Cycle "Environment and Pollution". Grammar Teaching with focus on Conditional Clauses (8 grade)

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Task Cycle
2.1 Lesson Plan
2.2 General Remarks on the Task Cycle
2.3 Theoretical Backing
2.4 Goals
2.5 Strengths
2.6 Improvements

3. What I have learned in Fachdidaktik

4. Works Cited

1. Introduction

For many students, grammar exercises are one of the most painful memories of their school days. The image of students waiting on hard seats for the bell to ring and the grammar lesson to end, is a very familiar one.

However, grammar is one of the most important basis for language learning. This becomes visible, when we imagine how the world would be without grammar. There are two possibilities to combine the words big, bear and cave. One can either say a 'a big bear in the cave' or 'a bear in a big cave'. By means of this example, it becomes clear that grammar contributes to meaning.

Grammar also clarifies causal relationships, which can be seen with this example 'sister bear kill'. It is only clear that A is doing something to B but not exactly who killed and who got killed. Here, a special kind of word order, appropriate function words and inflection is needed in order to understand the sentence.

Children with a good grammar knowledge have better reading, writing, speaking and listening skills than those children who have problems with grammar. Reading a sentence means to analyze its words and meaning. Grammar helps children when they read sentences with difficult syntax. Writing requires broad vocabulary as well as grammatical skills. It was discovered that children were better able to distinguish plurals and possessives after practicing morphological analysis than when the practice involved just pronunciation or just meaning and sentence structure.

A detailed grammatical analysis encourages noticing and understanding. The transcription of spoken language is an important exercise. It is another way of a grammatical analysis, because the transcriber makes decisions about words and grammatical structures e.g. 'fun games' or 'fun in games'. It also helps children to notice new patterns in their listening. This knowledge shows how important for teachers it is to teach grammar. The best method is to teach grammar explicitly. Therefore, it is important that the students are able to use the grammar correctly and that the lesson is interesting. For this purpose a task cycle is conducted.

In this portfolio, I will present a task cycle, which is focused on the usage of conditional clauses. First, I will present a detailed lesson plan. Afterwards I will illustrate the theoretical backing, strengths and improvements of the task cycle. Finally I will reflect of the course Fachdidaktik II.

2. Task Cycle

2.1 Lesson Plan

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Title: Task Cycle "Environment and Pollution". Grammar Teaching with focus on Conditional Clauses (8 grade)