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1. Introduction
1.1 What is a registered association?

2. The prospective members
2.1 Ordinary membership
2.2 Honorary membership
2.3 Passive membership
2.4 Sponsoring Membership

3. How to become a member?

4. Rights and duties of a member
4.1 Rights of a member
4.2 Duties of a member

5. The ending of the membership
5.1 Termination of the registered association
5.2 Automatic end
5.3 Voluntary leaving
5.4 Cancellation from the member list
5.5 Disqualification

6. Conclusion

7. Abstract

8. Bibliography

1. Introduction

In this report I wish to examine the theme of a registered association. I decided to focus on this theme as it is of particular personal interest to me. I will start by defining this form of organisation, and based on this definition I will briefly examine the prospective membership and then I will move on how to become a member of a registered association. Following this, I will analyse the rights and duties of a member. To conclude, I will describe in detail how to end a membership.

1.1 What is a registered association?

In order to understand the general concept of registered association more clearly, it is necessary to define it as exactly as possible. The act does not define the concept of a registered association under private law. The prevailing case law and the literature name the registered association as a gathering of a more or less number of people or corporate bodies in a certain period corporately organised to achieve a common purpose. The registered association seeks to be a unit with its own name and the ability for changing members.

In Germany, there are many registered associations. They have political, cultural, sporting, academic or social aims. Therefore, they act with the objective of promoting culture, health, community, research and doctrine. Registered associations can be parties, unions, motoring organisations, but also small football associations or student – clubs. They are important for the whole community.

The registered association consists of two main elements: the board of directors and the general meeting. Once a year, the general meeting occurs to vote in the board of directors for one year. The board of directors is made up of some committed association members, as a rule from five to seven, who attend to the business of the association. Another important task of the general meeting is to change parts of the constitution when necessary. Only the general meeting is allowed to do this.

2. The prospective members

As a basic principle, every everyday citizen and every corporate body can become a member of a registered association. Nevertheless, the association can minimise the prospective members by noting down in their constitution who can enter the association. For example, a football association wants only to have football players in their club.

There are different kinds of memberships:[1]

2.1 Ordinary membership

Ordinary members have all member rights and all member duties. They pay the contribution which is noted down in the constitution and have an active and passive electoral power.

2.2 Honorary membership

The general meeting can award an honorary membership to special members i.e. to someone in return for its services. They do not have to pay the fee. They do not have an active and passive electoral law. The constitution manages the honorary membership, in particular the rights and duties of these members.

2.3 Passive membership

Passive members do not have to take on tasks of the association. They have to pay different contributions and in general have no active and passive right to vote. The constitution manages the existence of passive members.

2.4 Sponsoring Membership

Sponsoring members afford cash and work benefits sporadically. They are allowed to take part in the general meeting but they do not have an active and passive electoral power.


[1] a.t. Werner 2000, pages 136 to 141


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