Causes and Issues of Climate Change and Global Warming

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As a consultant in energy and sustainable development for the UN, your role is to provide a guideline and information on issues connected to the oil and gas production and applications as one of the major causes for climate change and global warming. For this reason, sustainable development of oil and gas industries is an important factor, for example in how oil and gas companies are able to divert into cleaner sources of sustainable energy and the consequent impacts on the environment, in general and the climate, in particular.

Currently, the greatest worry among the environmentalists and the UN is the huge concern regarding the present rising levels of the earth’s temperatures. Among their top concern is the continued effects of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere that continually contribute to the global warming of the earth. More so, the increased and exploitative usage of the fossil fuels in the modern industries contributes to the increase in the global temperatures. The reason of the worries is the fact that the over-accumulation of the carbon IV oxide in the atmosphere continually deteriorates the climatic balance of the earth. Additionally, the top reasons causing the worries of the global warming effects on the Earth arise from the provision that the factors leading to the global warming and causing the upsetting climatic changes are synthetic and human beings contribute a huge role to the destruction of the atmosphere.

The following write-up aims to focus on the various contributing factors of the climate change and those causing global warming. More so, the paper will address the challenges and benefits that would arise if the conventional energy producers would consider seeking greener or renewable sources for their energy, with a particular focus on oil and petroleum companies. In addition, the paper will have specific instructions for adaptable processes that various governments, institutions, and corporations to adopt and help in the overall campaign for environmental protection to reduce the detrimental effects of the climate change and global warming.


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Title: Causes and Issues of Climate Change and Global Warming