Trends in the use of language for inclusiveness

The role of social organizations

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Pedagogy - Orthopaedagogy and Special Education


As society is getting more and more inclusive, the way we communicate is also changing. In the ancient and the medieval periods, those people who were different were excluded from the society. Neither was medical science very advanced nor the people’s mindsets. The persons with disabilities were ostracized, marginalized or killed at birth. But today, we need to create a society where not only the physical well being but also the psycho-social aspects need to be taken into consideration.

In the 21st century a lot these aspects are emphasized in education. Many guidelines have been prepared on how to communicate in reference to persons with disabilities. In this paper, the author has mentioned most of these suggestions of style manuals. Further, the role of social organizations like schools, communities, media, etc., particularly in India to incorporate these guidelines or how far have these been incorporated in the system has been looked into. The author has also included some examples of prevailing gender stereotypes with special reference to people of the third gender.

The author has also looked into the reasons as to why these pejorative expressions should not be used. It is a well known fact that the proper use of words can make a good impression and can be a reflection of a person’s character and personality. It can also help to make new friends and create goodwill. Sounds and words have a healing effect when used appropriately or conversely, it has the potential to create negative feelings. If social organizations are not aware and do not disseminate this bias free language, then people will tend to make errors in communication as a result of their influence.


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Title: Trends in the use of language for inclusiveness