Calculation of the Cosmic Expansion Rate

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My idea for the accelerated expanding universe can not exist without the fourth spatial dimension of the Kaluza-Klein theory, not without a lot of strained balloon model and not without the power of a Big Bang explosion. One idea for the dark matter is a major component of it, because without it no accelerated expansion is possible. It would have made no sense to me to design a cosmological principle if I nad not found a way for the natural mass rejection and with which the Dark Energy at first is to explain.
Crucial for the invention of this cosmological model is the speed of the enlargement of the balloon, which represents the dark matter as a relative increase in mass. The speed of movement, the velocity in fourth dimension, is by the character of the room in which we live, invisible. Unfortunately we will never be able to verify this view, since we are now living in the balloon skin.
So the model is admittedly risky, because it requires many things which can never be put in appearances. Only circumstantial evidence can corroborate this view. It remembers to science of the structure of elementary particles. But even the summoning of this effort is not enough. In recognition of the Kaluza-Klein theory it would be necessary to put themselves in the situation of the inhabitants of this universe, to capture their mental perspective, and to prove so the view of this article.
That's asking a lot, but the calculation reproduces the actual observation of the expansion rate very good. Probably we will never be in a better position to observe a universe. So I think a study of this view would be useful and necessary.


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Title: Calculation of the Cosmic Expansion Rate