Operations management in Dominos, Dubai

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Executive Summary

1. Introduction
1.1 Organizational Background
1.2 Study Purpose
1.3 Scope of Study
1.4 Methodology
1.5 Limitations

2. Discussions and Analysis
2.1 The Value Chain
2.1.1 Product value chain
2.2 Process Design
2.3 Store Layout
2.4 Demand Forecasting
2.5 Innovation and Improvements

3. Conclusion and Recommendations
3.1 Recommendations
3.1.1 Operations Strategy Implications
3.2 Conclusion


Executive Summary

This report has been based to evaluate the operational strategy of Dominos which is one of the fastest pizza delivering company. The report was aimed at assessing and revising the operational strategies and processes of Dominos in Dubai. The main focus area of the report is to analyse the daily activities and processed of Dominos and to look for the ways through which employees of organizations serve customers. The processes which are analysed in the report include product processes, store layout, forecasting and value chain analysis of Dominos. In order to analyse the processes of Dominos, theoretical frameworks have been used. The methodology used in the report is based on qualitative approach. The analysis of the findings revealed that in terms of products and services offered by the company, Dominos has been highly effective in delivering efficient services to customers. It has been found in the report that Dominos has been efficient in delivering services to customers. It was found that innovations in product content of Dominos are not appropriate in context of Dubai. Dominos does not offer a wide range of customized products in Dubai market. Therefore, it has been recommended that to serve the customers effectively and to remain competitive in the market, Dominos needs to incorporate innovations in products.

1. Introduction

1.1 Organizational Background

Dominos is one of the leading companies in the world which deliver pizza. The operation and business model of Dominos is very unique and appropriate to meet its needs. It is one of the pioneer fast food companies in the world. Dominos Pizza LLC has been headquartered in the United States (Dominos, 2013). This main company has control on the supply chain and sourcing of raw materials to ensure high quality of products and service. It has expanded its network across the world. Across the world, Dominos uses the franchise model to conduct its operations. The products offered but Dominos includes a variety of pizzas. In different countries, slight variations in the product contents are made by the company. Operational strategy of Dominos has been researched through theoretical findings from Dubai’s perspective. Support from different case studies has been taken to analyse the ways through which Dominos runs its operations to deliver products and services to customers.

1.2 Study Purpose

The aim of the study is to evaluate the operations management at Dominos in Dubai. In the study, operations management issues and concepts of Dominos have been examined in relation to the theoretical concepts of operational management. Moreover, the report is also presented to propose some recommendations to the management of Dominos at Dubai to improve its operations management for achieving its objectives efficiently.

1.3 Scope of Study

The scope of study is to look upon the operations management issues in Dominos at Dubai. Although the company operates worldwide but this report covers operations management issues in Dominos from the perspective of Dubai.

1.4 Methodology

The methodology adopted for the study is entirely qualitative. All issues in Dominos have been identified through theoretical concepts which were proposed in literature. The qualitative approach suggests using existing sources and wordy description of the issues. Same methodology has been applied in this particular study to evaluate the operations management issues in organizations.

1.5 Limitations

The methodology adopted for the evaluation of operations management issues in Dominos is not qualitative. Therefore, the results of this particular study are entirely based on the previous findings listed in the literature.

2. Discussions and Analysis

The organizational structure is an important consideration in the operational management. Organizational structure determines the line of command and authority in the organization (Brennan, 2011, P. 201). The organizational design of Dominos based on franchise Model. This organizational structure reveals that the master franchises is controlled by the main company. Moreover, the master franchises control the operations of sub-franchises. This organizational structure is appropriate to maintain the diverse operations of organizations across the globe while maintain the quality of products and service. Franchise Model of Dominos is appropriate to ensure high quality products, provide excellent services and competing in the competitive and diverse environment.

2.1 The Value Chain

The value chain refers to the entire process through which product is transformed into final shape. It is crucial for the organizations consider the ways through which customer needs drive them to create new products and add value to the existing products and services (Schniederjans, Cao, Ching, 2012, P. 3978). Customer needs are the sources which drive an organization to create value to the existing services and products. Dominos focuses on the key needs of customers throughout its value chain to create new products and services. It does not deviate from this model as other competitors of the company do and follow a mixed model of fast food services in restaurants and fast food chains. Mixed model of service delivery dilutes the strength of fast food delivery in which Dominos focuses i.e. home delivery. Global operations model of Dominos focuses on establishing lean stores, flexibility in product and service, customized menus for each country and well trained staff.



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Title: Operations management in Dominos, Dubai