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Table of Contents

Evaluation of Business Information System at Microsoft

Critical Analysis of MIS, DSS, and OAS Information Systems
Critical Analysis of DSS
Critical Analysis of Office Automation Systems

How Microsoft can use these Systems for Competitive / Strategic Value
Porter’s 5 Forces Model

Legal and Ethical Issues

Supply Chain Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management System

E-business Component of Microsoft

Knowledge Management

Global Information Management


Evaluation of Business Information System at Microsoft

Information is necessary for many businesses whether small, medium, or large, and the necessity of the information depends on a variety of uses. For example, in the case of proper planning in the business, senior managers will require information to facilitate this planning. However, middle-level management relies on detailed systems of information in order to properly control and monitor various activities in the business. At the same time, various employees who have operational roles also tend to rely on information systems in order to efficiently carry out their duties in the business. Due to all these necessities, many businesses tend to develop information systems that operate at the same time. The Microsoft Company applies Management Information Systems (MIS) in dealing with internal affairs of the company. An Office Automation System (OAS) improves the productivity of employees who need to process data and information (Bill 2006). The Microsoft Company deals with several software systems and the use of OAS becomes handy since it enhances employees’ productivity. Employees have the ability to work from their own homes, as well as other areas at their convenience. Apart from these two systems of information, the other systems of information applicable by the Microsoft Company is the use of Decision Support Systems commonly known as DSS. A decision support system enables the management to make decisions in situations surrounded by uncertainty (Bill 2006). A lot of uncertainty occasionally arises from these big companies such as Microsoft and in such times, the use of DSS becomes handy. This method consists of techniques and tools capable of collecting relevant information and providing analysis of all the relevant information gathered. In the process of analysis provisions, the method also provides alternatives used in case of absence of relevant information. Apart from the provisions of alternatives, this method also involves the use of complex spreadsheets and various databases used to develop several “what-if” models.

Critical Analysis of MIS, DSS, and OAS Information Systems

With a relational database such as an SQL Server, the Microsoft Company uses MIS to develop Custom Information Systems (CIS). The development of custom information systems enables data linking during its entry, which thus enables cross-referencing with various reports and finally turns the information into valuable and useful information. Collection and analysis of information is possible with a well-developed data model, and the well-developed data model enables the company to understand their clients as well as being in a state to predict and tell market trends and future sales of the company (Bill 2006). Tailoring of software to the exact requirements of the company is possible, and the company is also capable of using and providing in-depth administrative reports and charts them. The Microsoft Company also uses MIS to link various existing database software as Sage and MySQL in order to create various comprehensive reports. The company can also use MIS to carry out questionnaire analysis using Access software, together with Microsoft Word and Excel (Bill 2006). The staffs at Microsoft are also capable of easily managing all completed process of questionnaire creation through logging contacts with respondents, as well as exporting and importing reports within the questionnaire.

Various other companies in need of custom Contact Management software uses this software to market their various products, and in such situations, Microsoft becomes handy in the integration of their databases. During such cases, the Microsoft Company uses MIS to automate various regulatory processes for these companies. When managing the expansion of services in these companies, the companies use Microsoft Access databases integrated with Excel and Word in order to facilitate the expansion. In order to facilitate this process, the company automates its software using MIS.

Critical Analysis of DSS

When writing applications, the use of services becomes helpful when designing building blocks and services are easy to use with DSS. The Microsoft Company uses DSS when developing Service Tutorials Overview and these tutorials help in the demonstration of various concepts and terminologies applicable by this company. The company uses DSS to represent Hardware components; for example, the actuators, the sensors, software components like storage, directory and User Interface, as well as for aggregations purposes. Execution of services takes place in the context of the DSS node and the company uses a DSS as a hosting environment. The various services awaiting creation and management are under support from the DSS node and hosting lasts until the services are either deleted or stopped. Microsoft carries out networking of services using DSS for easy communication in a uniform manner. The company is capable of reusing their services through the use of DSS, and this is because of the feature that enables it to describe a set of components within a given section (Bill 2006). The company is capable of assigning a Universal Resource Identifier (URI) using the constructor service, and it is capable of running in the DSS node. The company carries out their services communication using DSS Accessing Services and this possible by linking to the Web Browser.

Critical Analysis of Office Automation Systems

Streamlining of work flow within software produced by the Microsoft Company is achievable using office automation systems. Through these systems, the company is capable of building custom applications capable of tracking and typing all the information required by the company. Using automation systems, Microsoft is capable of creating worksheets which were later used to develop Excel programs, as well as to read information and databases. Automation also enables the company to create software capable of validating other software before the user saves them. Microsoft was capable of creating an Outlook program with the ability to send custom forms to individuals or groups, at the same time saving information in Excel spreadsheets and several databases.

How Microsoft can use these Systems for Competitive / Strategic Value

The company can apply the above information systems to come up with new software that will surpass other software provided by other rival companies like Android and Mac OS. The use of Android is slowly becoming popular with mobile industries.

Porter’s 5 Forces Model

There are five major crucial forces that determine the competitiveness of any given organization according to the five forces analysis; the supplier power is one of the suggested forces. Microsoft has easily managed to deliver its prices to their suppliers. This was as the result of the drive number of supplies to each key input. The non-comparison of the products and services that Microsoft offers to their clients has given them the strength and an added advantage to have control over their competitors. The products include the operating system; Windows 7 Enterprise. This is one of the products that have dominated a vast market all around the world. The services have also allowed them to remain on the frontline, for instance the direct access which gives millions of users’ seamless access to corporate networks without the need of VPN. There, many other services that the company offers are perceived as a monopoly in the market. This fact has enabled Microsoft to have fewer supplier choices and hence, more need for suppliers’ help; the result is that their suppliers have gained a lot of power. This strategy has ensured that Microsoft’s prices remain relatively high as determined by their suppliers (El Shazly & Butts 2002).



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