Tourism, and its Positive and Negative Contribution in Kenya

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In general, tourism is the process where people visit several or unfamiliar places which fascinate them, in return for foreign exchange.

Tourist attraction sites in Kenya

As part of a tourism destination, Kenya is one of Africa’s leading country in tourism sector. Even though Egypt’s ancient mysteries have managed to puzzle the eyes and minds of millions, Kenya too has managed to tempt thousands of visitors from every imaginable part of the world.

This has been made possible by wildlife, coastal beaches, historical sites, and natural sceneries. These areas have attracted tourists in the following ways:

For wildlife, we have got national parks such as Tsavo, Meru, Amboseli, and Maasai Mara, where tourists come to see indigenous wild games. Lions, cheetahs, baboons, elephants, antelopes, gazelles and giraffes, are some of the examples of animals which the tourists are definitely sure of seeing or spotting.

Coastal beaches too have really assisted in the boosting of Kenyan tourism, because of their unique hot and wet climate, fine white sands, and good, luxurious hotels. Some of the hotels and restaurants that attract a great number of tourists include: White Sands, Sun and Sand Beach Resort, and Serena Hotel.

Historical sites are one of the most spectacular spots for touring, either for domestic tourists or international tourists. If we visit the Coast, we will see Fort Jesus and the Gedi ruins, which still preserve their walls and beauty, as in the days of the Portuguese and Omani Arabs. In Fort Jesus, there is even a museum, which preserves ancient artifacts which have been lying on the floor of the Indian Ocean for ages, waiting to be discovered.

In other historical places like Kapenguria, we have the prisons and offices of the police, which were being used in the colonial era. Especially for the prisons, they attract quite a great number of tourists, since that is where Kenya’s freedom fighters used to serve their sentence. In fact, almost every prison has a name of the people who were jailed.

For nature, natural sceneries have fascinated the imagination of visitors, from the neighbors to the people from far and beyond. One of the most interesting touring spots is in the Great Rift Valley. Stretching from Jordan to Malawi, this feature looking like an endless farrow, is a home to many people, and a place for practicing agriculture.

The rift valley also contains several lakes, for example: Lake Magadi, Lake Turkana, Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, and Lake Elementaita.



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Title: Tourism, and its Positive and Negative Contribution in Kenya