Freedom And Free Will. The Longing for a Truly and Freely Determined Life

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“True freedom is an alternative to life that is active, not reactive!

One can find and experience freedom at best when one actively follows the good and desired weather metaphorically.

The captain of an airplane or a ship has the possibility to experience freedom on the job. They can determine to a large extent the routes of their trips on their own because of their occupational situation (executive), when a particular weather situation calls for it, with the aim of travelling through calm weather conditions as far as possible.

Therefore, freedom is actively self-determined! One is constantly in motion and is definitely independent like a captain on the high seas who chooses his way/route to maneuver through desired and manageable weather conditions.”

The initial question of the title contradicts the mistaken belief that each individual controls his own fate and can be successful, irrespective of the phase of his life.

Unfortunately, one must establish that each singular success, whether professional or private, only comes with cooperation from others.

At least 2 persons are involved for the conception as well as the birth of a child. The same is true for tests and homeworks for the school, for after the preparation of the respective test, there is another person that corrects and subsequently grades the test. This grading and also the success significantly depend on another person.

There are various pointless and inefficient questions during job interviews. Examples are questions on strengths and weaknesses, or on the professional successes and failures of the applicant. Like with the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses, the knowledge he has learned up to the present time, or insights he has consciously or unconsciously made, are dependent on his current social environment.

Every man is dependent on the person who has direct influence on his upbringing from the moment of birth. All experiences that he makes for his personal socialization during this time frame shape him fundamentally and permanently.

We humans come into this world with only a basic function of our sense organs and a general basic ability to communicate like laughing, screaming and crying. After that, a permanent learning and socialization process follows that makes us, in the present, a part of an established society that existed long before us.

Therefore, it is not possible for each new human generation to have its own, and above all, its individual new start. This human dilemma systematically leads from the Stone Age, when all Homo Sapiens generally came upon the same conditions, to the industrial Modern Era, when alongside primeval crimes of violence, the untold social relations between the rich and the poor arose. One can also say that all the advanced technological and also intellectual achievements in our time unfortunately does not equal to advantages for all men in this society.

This sad realization preoccupies me with the task of specifying the original causes for this unacceptable situation.



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Title: Freedom And Free Will. The Longing for a Truly and Freely Determined Life