Other sides of Advertising Text and Context

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1. Pragmatics and the turn about of the Theory of Empirical Study
1.1. Semantics/Pragmatics and Translation
1.2. Pragmatics and Context
1.3. Meaning of Translation
1.4. Advertisements and Translation - The Voyage

2. Advertising in Translation
2.1. The Role of Meaning
2.2. Case Study - The Translation of Advertising

3. Conclusion

4. Bibliography

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Declaration of Originality

I, Márcio Hemerique Pereira of London Metropolitan University, being a student of the MA Applied Translation Studies, hereby declare that this project and the work described in it are my own work and that I wrote it independently without the help of anybody and that I did not use any publication other than those cited.

Márcio Hemerique Pereira

London, September 4th, 2009


I would like to thank Professor Anna-Marjatta Milsom for her assistance with the framing of my proposal and her input into the initial stages of this study. Without my current supervisor Professor Ana Luiza Iaria, however, it is unlikely that the study would have reached completion and her kind understanding at all times (from the very first day I met her while preparing my first MA project – SM1) made this ‘homework’ less stressful. To her generosity, patience, and professionalism, I am indebted.

A very special thank you goes to Mr. Jeffri, my boss, who patiently tried, his best to help me whenever I needed extra days off work or cancelled endless shifts. Also thank you to my work ‘mates’ who have supported me however they could all the way through.

I am very grateful to the staff of London Metropolitan University Library. I am also grateful for the patience of all the staff at Birmingham University Library for letting me access special archives, my thanks for their willingness to spend hours digging out obscure pieces of paper in case they were relevant for my needs.

I would like to thank Dr. Nadia Rahab for accepting me onto the MA Applied Translation Studies course and with whom I enjoyed even more the art of translating. Thanks also to Dr. Isabel Ermida for the marvellous lectures on Pragmatics and Advanced Linguistics while at I was at University of Minho, Portugal.

I would like to thank my MA colleagues, in particular, Silvana and Graça, for their interest and enthusiasm; they have encouraged me so much. More than anyone else, though, I need to thank my dearest sister Vylza, my angel, who has supported me from the other side of the Atlantic, and her unerring faith in my ability to complete the MA. It is because of her, and the desire to make her proud, that I am able to present this study. I will be indebted to her forever.

Last but not least, thank you to my dearest friend, Besilda Clemente, or simply ‘Bessie,’ to me.



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Title: Other sides of Advertising Text and Context