An Approach to Culture in Terms of Communication Sociology

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The aim of this study is to define culture in terms of cultural studies and communication sociology.

I am going to explain what the culture is at the beginning of my study as well as redefine it because

I will relate it to the communication sociology. I would like to mention the relationship between the

Media and culture since I believe they affect each other at certain levels. I will also explain how the

Media is effective on our culture and beliefs accordingly. The Idea of Culture by Terry Eagleton, the

term ‘culture’ has been defined in a different way, which leads us to think that what we think of

culture may be much more astonishing than we supposed before.

What is Culture?

What contemporary culture is one of the vastest and important questions in the field of sociology,

communication, journalism and arts today. It does not have one definition in any dictionary, so we

need to approach to this term by explaining what may be contemporary and belong to that culture in

order to avoid conflicts and misleading. Contemporary culture is the culture we experience today. It

is our footprint, the way we talk, walk and live by all means. It can be defined by the music we tend

to listen, the food we eat and the film we watch.

Contemporary culture mostly is passed for human experience because we give a shape to it and lead

it to anywhere we want. It happens to change due to humankind since it is related to society. Society

is not a static form, and we cannot expect it to be stable like physics or chemistry. There is not any

formulation in social sciences, and contemporary culture can be considered the most changing one in

that it is subject to change more than any area in the field of social sciences due to unstable human


Contemporary culture should be evaluated according to its era since each period has its own

contemporaries. There used to be a hippie fashion, and during the 1960’s, it was possible to see

them everywhere throughout their music and life style. It was contemporary culture in the 60’s and

now it is supposedly old-fashioned. There is a R&B culture which was arised by Afro-Americans and

became very popular in the 90’s. The way people wear their clothes and smoke their cigarettes, the

songs they listen and the language give us a clue about their culture.

Speaking of different types of cultures, there are also minor groups that do not seem as popular as

the dominant ones today. They are called subcultures and cannot be classified as contemporary

culture as they are not practised by the majorities. Some claim that it is open to discussion because

contemporary should not mean popular for them. They intend to call it subcultures in contemporary

culture. It would be wise for me to mention the main topics of contemporary culture now that it may

be misleading for readers. As far as we understand so far, contemporary culture is captured by our

values, style, beliefs, tastes, politic views, economical level etc through media and its extensions.



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Title: An Approach to Culture in Terms of Communication Sociology