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Evaluate the arguments for and against creating a bride for the Creature. Think about human need for companionship, compounding one bad mistake with another, the responsibilities of creation/science (including procreation), whether the Creature is human and what rights (and responsibilities) that might confer, and other related ideas. Pick a side and argue it.

The Modern Prometheus or Frankenstein is one of the well-known and famous novels of Marry Shelly. The main concept of the novel is about controversial idea of a scientist who wants to give life to an inanimate object, and how his experiment effects his own and his beloved family’s life. After creating the monster, he demands from his creator whose name is Victor Frankenstein to generate a mate for him because he was alone and nobody accepts him in the world of people. While reading through Marry Shelly’s novel, we realize that Victor’s refusal to create a bride of the creature and the destruction of the mate is justifiable.

The monster demands from Victor that, “you must create female for me, with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my beings” (98). At first Victor refuses to accept his request by saying, “shall I create another like yourself, whose joint wickedness might desolate the world” (98) it means that Victor now starts to think about the consequence of his action. Victor did not think about while creating the monster. He says, “He will not consent” by creating the female for the monster, and they would harm and desolate the whole world, therefore, he refuses. The monster argues that “you are in the wrong, and instead of threatening, I am consent to reason with you. I am malicious because I am miserable; am I not shunned and hated by all mankind” (98). Then, Victor accepts his demand by hearing his tale how he was alienated by human beings, Victor says, “But I felt that there was some justice in his arguments. His tale, and the feelings he now expressed, proved him to be a creature of sensation” (99), and Victor promises to the daemon to create a creature of another sex. The monster says when Victor does the job, no one will see the daemon again among human beings, and Victor travels to England in order to learn more about natural philosophy and other subjects from scientists who live there.

After travelling and visiting some places in England, Victor stars to fulfill his promise to create a mate for the daemon. While creating the wife for the monster, Victor realizes that the monster that he shaped caused him much misery and misfortune. In the mean time, he decides to destroy the mate of the creature, and his decision to tear down the mate for the fiend is justifiable.

There are many reasons why Victor destroys the partner of his creature; first, he thinks that if the mate to be created, she might become ten thousand times more evil in murder and wretchedness than her mate. Victor recalls that three years ago he was involved in the same way and created a monster whose evil nature and barbarity broke his heart and filled it forever with sadness and misery not only for Victor, but also for his entire family (114). Victor believes that he will not repeat the same evil desire once again, and will not create the mate because of his own benefit and selfishness.



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Title: Essay about Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein"