International Journal of Social Policy Research and Development

Research in Public Policy and Environmental Sustainability

by Jill S. Scheneiderman (Author)

Research Paper (undergraduate) 2011 116 Pages

Economics - International Economic Relations


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Article Title: The Oil Economy, Environmental Law and Human Rights Violation in Niger Delta Region: Implications and Suggested Solutions

Names of All Authors: Dr. Alfred S Ekpenyong


Copyright to the above-listed unpublished and original article submitted by the above author(s), the abstract forming part thereof, and any subsequent errata (collectively, the “Article”) is hereby transferred to the International Centre for Social Policy Research and Development for the full term thereof throughout the world, subject to the Author Rights (as hereinafter defined) and to acceptance of the Article for publication in a journal of INSPRAD. This transferof copyright includes all materials to be published as part of the Article (in any medium), including but not limited to tables, figures, graphs, movies, and other multimedia files. INSPRAD shall have the right to register copyright to the Article in its name as claimant, whether separately or as part of the journal issue or other medium in which the Article is included.

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International Centre for Social Policy Research and Development


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Date: 18/08/2010

Name(s) (print): ALFRED S EKPENYONG

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Title: International Journal of Social Policy Research and Development