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Project Description

Preparation and Teamwork

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Project Description

The given scenario for the presentation and negotiation is to discuss which of the teams will be allocated with five million euros to spend on improvements at the University of Applied Science Wildau. The challenge which makes the negotiation complex is that the money will be allocated to one project alone: it is the aim of the negotiation to present the concepts within a timeframe of 15 minutes and to find a joint decision for one project out of three. According to this, one team has to persuade the other teams of the own project which will finally be submitted to the university management.

Together with my team members Manuel Millitzer and Jannis Reinecke, we presented our project of a „Professional Engine Testbed“. We are planning to built this testbed specialized for testing jet engines in an indoor facility, located at the university‘s own property for the benefit of the whole university community. This testbed would broaden the academic research and study at the UAS Wildau. During our project research we found out about the existing demand for a professional testbed within the industry of Berlin and Brandenburg. With an engine testbed at our university we could satisfy this demand and collect money by selling „testbed time slots“ to the neighbored companies, e.g. Rolls-Royce. The university itself would be unique in Germanys‘ university scenery and up-valuated as a competence centre in the field of aviation engineering and by this becoming more attractive for future students and for partnerships with the industry. Based on this new partnership a strong bond between the industry and the UAS Wildau could grow.

The engine testbed has a high potential for industrial subsidies as well as for aid money from the government of the Land Brandenburg. Furthermore the testbed would generate qualified jobs in this region and create apprenticeship places for the young generation. The greatest benefit to the UAS students would result in their comprehensive understanding by working and studying within the universities‘ own engine testbed.

Preparation and Teamwork

Our main focus of preparing the negotiation was to put forward a convincing case for the engine testbed with profound arguments. Together we discussed the assets of our project as well as the possible drawbacks. By doing this we felt well prepared for critical arguments from the other teams. After brainstorming and ordering our pros and cons, we created a presentation using the Microsoft program „Power Point“ to visualize our ideas. We agreed on presenting the PowerPoint-presentation all together as a team instead of one man standing alone at the front desk.

Due to a lack of time we didn‘t manage to contact the EMM-Team prior the negotiation. But one the other side we didn‘t see much advantage in a meeting prior to the negotiation, because everyone was focused on his own project and tried to smarten up the own presentation. Manuel worked on the technical details and organized a video of a running engine testbed while Jannis and me collected the arguments and some illustrating pictures. We finalized the PowerPoint presentation at the evening prior the negotiation-day and still had no clue about the projects of the other teams. Next time we will invest more time in informing ourselves about the other teams and their projects.

Description and Analysis of the Negotiation

On the morning of our negotiation we arrived well in time at the classroom, so that we were able to prepare the room and the technical equipment like the beamer and the connection to the computer. The second team consisted of Vasu and Coty arrived just with us in the classroom and worked on the final changes of their presentation. As the three girls from the EMM-Team arrived, we welcomed them warmly and offered all of them a cup of coffee and some cookies. In this way they could feel being welcomed and comfortable and we provided a good basis for the following team play and negotiation process. We offered them to start first with their presentation („Ladies first“), but they refused to start so that we took the opportunity and began with our presentation.

First we introduced ourselves, talked about our personal background and as no questions arose we switched on the beamer and started with our Power Point presentation. During the introduction we tried to make the two other teams curious about our topic, which was not easy. Because we have decided to built an engine-testbed at the grounds of our university, it was hard to inspire the others for such a highly specialized and sophisticated technical equipment. But to bind the audience, we explained in detail why this engine-testbed is useful for the whole university community and how it can be working to the benefit for all of us.



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