“It`s not what we are drinking, but the way we are drinking.”

What are some of the issues concerning alcohol in New Zealand and what can the government do?

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Increasingly, alcohol consumption is becoming part of the way in which we socialise with each other and it is accepted in our communities. As of the age of 18 one is allowed to drink alcohol in New Zealand. It is sold in supermarkets e.g. Pak`n`Safe and so-called Liquor Stores/Outlets or served in restaurants with a separate permission. Furthermore, it is usually to bring own alcohol into restaurants. This essay will bare some problem issues about drinking alcohol New Zealand and will suggest some possible precautions for the government.

Unfortunately, it goes without saying that the youth far away from the age of 18 run singing and bawling through the streets of Auckland. The cause is maybe boredom. So they leave trash bins tipped over, bloody beat noses and widespread rests of fast-food.

Daily news like deadly accidents from drunk-driving teenagers respectively attacks or murders like the murder of a German student holding a “work-and-holiday” visa, who wanted to explore New Zealand was murdered by a New Zealander in 2005.

To sum up, the gang-related and youth crime is growing in New Zealand due to alcohol. It has been estimated, “that aggression in the presence of alcohol probably results from a highly variable interaction between what the individual brings to the situation and what the situation means to the individual.” (Young, 1994, p.17)

Young (1994) states, that the most appearing behaviours in New Zealand are property steal and damage, following by physical abuse and drunk-driving (p.21). According to Kokiri (1995), especially the Maori drink more heavily, what has a huge impact on their health status. So, they have to be hospitalised and the alcohol-related diseases are growing seriously (p.7).

Wyllie (1996) states that effective management of alcohol problems needs a wide range of policies and strategies aimed at all levels and stakeholders to be developed and implemented. That means reducing and preventing of hazardous and harmful levels and patterns of alcohol use. Additional, it is to minimise the harm and social problems from the use of alcohol (p.23).

According to Bailey (1979), therefore, it was build a National Alcohol and Drug Policy. The main institutions for preventing alcohol misuse in New Zealand were found as the Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand, the Public Health Commission and the Core Services Committee, which tasks are especially: managing the promotion and supply of alcohol, responsible serving and pricing (p.3)



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Title: “It`s not what we are drinking, but the way we are drinking.”