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Essay on aggression in today’s society

To deal with the issue of aggression it has to be stated that aggression covers a wide range of behaviour.

First aggression is seen in the instinctiv behaviour of apes which already had three fundamental forms of aggression. A rigidly established hierarchy was modified when the ape became a hunter which means he had a fixed territory and a milder hierarchy as a conclusion to that.

Within the system each male defended his own home inside the general base.

The apes expressed aggression by defending their hierarchy and their territory , the leader defended his dominion. Even if this pattern of aggression is evoluntionarily determined it can be referred to today’s society. Concerning the ape society in which the origin of aggression can be found today the forms of aggression have multiplied.

In many cases it has got a negative connotation being defined as showing for instance anger, frustration, violence or brutality in a coexistential relatioship, one can also say it is an aspiration to power, as Alfred Adler said.

As an example to show the variety of this field one can mention Freud’s theory.

Freud related aggression to the death instinct which is inherent in the individual.

In his opinion it is a result of the id which consists of unconscious instincts and drives.

Verbal and physical signs of aggression are yelling at others or beating others.

In our society it is not impressive to live it up and to show one`s feelings in this way.

To act like this is a sign of a lack of self-control, impatience and inadequate mutual tolerance. Only friendly and polite behaviour is appreciated, to act in an aggressive way is definitely Rejected. Thus the individual’s instinct of aggression is suppressed and the individual has To learn to hide aggressive behaviour.

It is a paradox that all forms of aggression are shown in media, such as on TV , in Videogames, in books , even in parts of rock music and in special types of sports.

Aggression has become a means to entertain people. It is a fact that newspapers which Inform people of sensational reports, especially of violence, have the highest circulation.

This gives rise to reflect on a new topic, which is the ambivalence of aggression.

On the one hand people are faced with it on TV every day but on the other hand society forces Them to hide it.

It is also interesting to have a closer look at the individual and the way it shows aggression To see what the basis of aggression is.

As mentioned before aggression and rage are not accepted in nowadays‘ society.

One theory of psychologists is that an aggressive person consequently has to apologize for Behaving in this way. In a quarrel this Person could say it was very vivacious or impetuous and this special form of aggression was in this way Part of his or her character. This is a self-deception because it has to be seen as a weakness and a fear.

It is the result of a wrong upbringing as a child, characterized by surpression and a lack of Understanding. As a consequence he or she imitates the aggressive traits to suppress others in a despotic way and to hide fear and to Assert him-herself in everyday life.

In order to pinpoint one can say that this special pattern is a very defensive and hostile view of life and can Result in isolation from society.

Not only the rejection of it, the fact that it is shown in media and a basic fear as a Result of wrong education trigger off aggression.

A very important contribution to this is a continously widening clash in society.

Consequences o this are increasing social injustices. Especially Poorer people are concerned being faced with the riches of others.

This can lead to inferior feelings, resignation and, in extremer forms, to aggression as a Response to frustration. In many cases values like confidence, an inner balance and Friendship don’t exist anymore. An example of this which is very up-to-date is The discrimation against minorities being also a result of aggression. The Church once was an institution to bring people together but our pluralistic society With a variety of religions doesn’t support a community of this kind anymore.

In this wide spectrum there aggression can also be seen having a positive connotation. As Anthony Storr says it is only a response to frustration but it can be the basis Of intellectual achievement, of the attainment of independence and of proper pride.

When a little children rebels against his mother this indicated a striving for independence In my opinion this only another interpretation of the main heading aggression.

On the one hand it is good to enrich oneself by aggression but on the other hand This behaviour restricts and damages others.

A very positive form of aggression is to use it in a quarrel in a constructive Way instead of in a destructive , for instance by talking to each others instead of By yelling at each others.

As a conclusion one can say that it will be very difficult to completely eliminate aggression from media. Many children watch TV several hours per day and it is necessary that parents select the

Programs carefully according to the age of the children It is also utmost important that people lear how to cope with aggression and don`t have to hide it, but use it in a positive way which could help to bring people together.

An alternative would be to prepare the next generation for the problems of aggression In society. One could offer courses for parents who themselves have difficulty in Dealing with aggression. It would help them to raise their children in a better way.


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